Sunday, August 31, 2014

light is the key

I’m in the midst of an art and commercial, I am trying to push myself every day to do things through the viewfinder and Photoshop or Lightroom. My work is centered on art and realism in portraiture, every each of the forms of the memories is intensely expressive, and I believe the expression is just like painting, how you handle your strength of every touch of the brushes just like how we deal with the light in our studio. All in our hands, whether you are fully trained by the skilled mentor or just picking up your lighting knowledge from here and there. Believe me, the light is just like a magic as you never get to know more unless you are fully committed to it, every photographers have their own ways to express their style in their work, but sad to say, I didn't notice much on the skill of the basics of photography fundamental or light shaping lately through internet or physically, most of the work flooded in the web are fully made up and manipulated with post-production, it is a way out of the basic of photography and fundamental philosophy or spirits. Of course, there is no right or wrong. Anyway, photoshop is not a crime, is the revolution of technology, giving us the convenient for post production and beautifullised of the unbeautiful input, like what we are doing in the dark room in the past and the good old days, in the good old days, the photographer carefully plans each scene in advance, handling all of the props, clothes, and makeup by himself. Making use of only source, position of light, they shoot with a medium format film camera, the reason for being precise is because every frame count, there will be no turning back after the exposure, you will never know until the negative or positive is developed. Now is the era that changed the whole mentality and habitation, no more light metering can be found in the young generation, ISO is no longer important as digital SLR now are equipped with really high sensimetory in the box, aperture is just for you to shoot more in bokeh or less, it has lost its beautiful in the form of physical memory in the arts by viewfinder and the effort that every artist has poured in. Of cause armed with photoshop skilled, most of people can against minimal backgrounds, incorporating abstract and surreal elements for any composition of the fantasy and leave people with their question and asking " how do you do that?, Does it really important? Ask yourself, why do you choose to become a photographer, is because you are enjoying the "LIKE" on the social media or just would like to becoming a digital artist by post production. Do you really enjoy the passion of taking part of history through the viewfinder? Every frame counts and mean important to every photographer, whether you are enjoying of framing the landscaping or portraiture, the basic rules is there, live it with your true passion and learnt to use your third eye to capture the world that others don't see. I started my journey, because I wanted to make something out of my day, and also to pursue my passion. I wanted to learn, to discover the world by viewfinder and tell stories through a physical form. The photo above is using a high key light by bouncing back from the wall and reflected back into the subject. The ISO uses by minimizing exposure like 50 or 100 in order to keep the finest detail of the color separation and enlarging. The images above is using the contrast of the high key, the low key keeps the definition of the shading of our shape and more in the reality of our perspective. Light always lighting up what we keen to know and the shadow always create the fantasy of our imagination. images shot by hasselblad H1 with imacon 16mp digital back wtih zeiss 80mm F8 1/8

Sunday, August 24, 2014

When a combination of landscaping art into a pre-wedding photography

My work is to extract the beauty and emotion, subtle motion nuances that whisper by every newly-wedd into photography method to form it into physical memories every day. Most of my work is based on the ideas, creative, unique, body, impression, seamlessness time, the integration of art, life and the preservation of beautiful moments. But the bigger challenge is, I am dealing with an ordinary people, mostly for everyone like you and me, we didn't go for the proper training of body posture or smiling course, and most of us are not a professional model and everyone are basically fresh, thus this become my challenge to form a story into a love of romance. This image was taken by Hasselblad H3D 22 with the long exposure, the idea behind this seaview shot to turn it into lively and interesting, it wasn't easy as what do you think, there are plenty of seaview imagery out there, how do we turn it into unique and special signature trademark that belong to us, we have to really work on the hardest way in order to achieve it by the classic method of landscaping art skilled. And most of the time you have depends on the timing, my idea of creating this masterpiece was to form a different way of shooting skill and pull myself out of the mainstream of the trend by the normal seaview shots you can find it through the web. This shot is combining of landscaping art into fashioning pre-wedding photography art.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Timing and opportunity

I used to wait until I got the right timing to begin the shoot, I’ve begun my shoot when I felt the time was right at that moment, especially when I take jobs for oversea, it makes a huge difference by the time consuming and the opportunity for the shoot, it was always hard to get the shots done especially at the landmark spot, through each expedition, I always felt that depressed by running out of time, i don't know how many of you facing the same issued like me, these are the mistake that I always did in the past, Rather than aim to shoot as many photos as possible and enjoying every shots i have fire, I am really felted frustrated and tired by rushing from one location to another. From the time was passed down, Now, I really try to slow it down and really think about every single frame, making used by surrounding as an element to spiced up the shots. Sometimes you’re thrown into the thick of the action and naturally fire more frames though ultimately you want to shoot for quality over quantity. Make every frame count. the shot was taken by Hasselblad H3D 22 with HCD28mm, F5.6 at 1/4

Monday, August 18, 2014

Simplicity is always sophistication

Simple is always the most difficult things to achieve, the most simple set is always exposing your skill of controlling, sometimes simple or complex are always depending on how we are describing and show it, simplicity can be used to imply beauty, purity, clarity and contrast, it might turn out in the disastrous ways too if we are not able to work and handling with proper, it is because there is nothing to hide over by the set or props perhaps by taking out our sight of focus, all of our focus will be directed to projects subjected, whether it is good or bad everything will be all under a glance. Not only light to make your images rich with wow factor, beside the light shaping, wardrobe and the concept play a very important role, without these three elements it will be hard to produce an excellent image. Always planning, choosing a right wardrobe and concepting for your shoots, reference and idea won't just turn out by when the actual event of a shooting, preparation is the keys after all.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Not about location, is all about you.

Sometimes we are ignoring the beauty of our surroundings, In a commonplace of environment, at an inappropriate hour, do we perceive beauty? Do we really appreciate it, have we already found out the left, or we are taking it as granted, we are too used to the current location that doesn't sparked us more. The most common words I had heard nows a day from the young photographers, I will have better results if the (clients) provide us a better location. This is unresponsive.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Not about the location, all about the perspective

An image has two-point perspective when it contains two vanishing points on the horizon line, these vanishing points can be placed arbitrarily along the horizon. Two-point perspective can be used to draw the same objects as one-point perspective to create a depth.

Fundamental of light

At the point of every image is a storytelling, there are a lot of elements to form a story. One of the very important subject is light. Whether is for the scene, ambience, or to light up the subject, the source and available light that around you could make use of it to create or destroy the images. The important of using a different light source is find out those are unable to control by us and we have to turn it into our main reading of light, look at the 120% crop, this are because of the right reading of exposure.. exposure.